I'm Sorry IFC

Hey IFC ,

I have just received my account after 2 months of suspension. I want to say i’m sorry. I will try my best to be a lot more professional.



Welcome back!

All is forgiven Chris, we all make mistakes now and then. Great to see you back and trying hard to be the best you can be! 😉

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Welcome back!

Be sure to check out this topic to make sure you can stick around for good this time!

Additionally, the ToS will also help you. Once again, welcome back!

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Welcome back. We’ve been dying to have you.

Saying it here, but let’s turn over a new leaf from the previous times, and start a new and permanent chapter of the great member I’m sure you can be contributing to this community! 😄

People can change, and we’re open to that. It’s happened to a ton of people, even me! Suspensions are a harsh but sure way to realise a mistake that’s being made, and create a solution from them.


Welcome back. We look forward to your positive contributions going forward!