I'm so sorry

Hi guys.I was ready for a flight from Tahiti to Beijing using Air China Boeing 787-9.I don’t know how to request backtaxi.So I just entered the runway without permission.Then,the violation came.I got level 3.I was so sad.Yeah,I know it’s my fault because I don’t contact tower first.This is my last week on Infinite Flight.I will continue my studies after that.Anyway,thank you so much Infinite Flight for making this game.I was really enjoyed the game.Until I see you next time.Goodbye everyone.


To back-taxi, just request departure, and the controller will either tell you to back-taxi or clear you for takeoff. Both of these commands allow you to back-taxi as needed! Don’t worry about it too much! See it as a learning opportunity! You clearly owned up to an honest mistake, and hopefully something about it can be done


If that is the legit case, pretty sure you can PM @Thunderbolt to try to get it reversed if it was a honest mistake rather then disregard of rules. Just be polite! Also, appeals work as well.


The controller has been notified and will respond once he is finished controlling.


I feel like this topic is to appeal the violation.

If so, just PM the controller, he/she should be able to reverse it!

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