I'm so proud of myself! What has your best flight been in IF?

I just did the best flight of all time on solo! In a 777-200ER BA livery. From KCMI to KMKE with 6kts wind velocity and light turbulance at night. Yes, takeoff and parking at the gate after landing was a bit wonky (literally) but otherwise it was great! Never had such a smooooth landing! I didn’t take any pics :(.

Anyway what was your best flight in IF? From? To? Time? Wind and turbulence? Best part? How good was it? Brag all about it down below!

Thanks guys!😄


Mine was an A346, South African livery, KSAN-KONT.
Such a good landing

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I flew a frontier A318 from Denver - Aspen. I had a perfect approach and smooth landing. It was fun going right over the mountains! It was probably the best flight I’ve ever done.

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Hawaiian Airlines 767 from Honolulu to Hilo.

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My best flight was a lucky smooth crosswind landing =p It was a A320 but i cant remember where or when, it was awhile back xD

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My best flight was from Amsterdam to Duesseldorf In a delta 772 and my approach and landing was so perfect.

FDS 747-8 from Honolulu to Hilo. Perfect approach and smooth landing.

An air Europa 787 from KLAX to KONT landed on the lines and really smooth and my takeoff was amazing

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When practicing some Touch and Goes for Team Australia, I was on the glideslope the entire time, and i did the best landing ever.

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