I'm so close to grade 5!

I’m almost there!


Good luck :)

T&G for a hour or so and you will be get there probably today !


Well done! Alert us once your grade 5!

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Really. So we need to open a new topic JUST because your close to Grade 5. Imagine everyone did this! Wow.

Grats on your level but man starting a new topic.

Now THATS what I call Self Gratification!!!


I took a breath today, so expect a topic about it soon. Also, where is my cookie for replying to this post? " Mom, I landed a plane on IF, where’s my throphy?!"


Cool man, blog it


awesome! Just a little more to go!


😂 isn’t that from Air Force proud


Oh come on. He’s happy with what he has achieved, and would like the community to know. I’m sure his topic isn’t going to affect you :)

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It doesn’t affect me at all🙃 But just to not clutter the forum we could all post in one topic for our achievements… Bad idea? Yeah, I thought so!🤣

Damn straight son.

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That’s awesome!

We don’t need another one of these. If we had 1 of these every time someone was near grade 5 the forum will see these most of the time.

Lucky you. I have almost triple the amount of landings flight time etc needed for Grade 3 but I still but I still need about 10.000XP which just seems impossible to get

Do some touch and go’s and that will do the trick!

I need to start on this goal lol I’ve been so out of the game for a while.

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