I'm searching for partners

So I had a great idea: making a website for IF VA tickets (like kiwi, momondo etc…) I’m searching for someone to help me designing the website.
So how’s is that going to work?

  1. You enter the website
  2. You can search for your flight from A to B (maybe even date)
  3. You get the options of the VAs flying this route and select one
  4. You buy the ticket (there is a price which will be coordinated with the VA, but you don’t pay real money)
  5. You get the boarding tickets by the email which will be sent manually
  6. You send that to the VA in IFC (so they can know someone ordered the flight), if no pilot will make this flight you can choose another one or in another date.

Basically it is just an idea I didn’t make anything yet, but I think that this idea can make ultra realism in the VAs category.
And, I know that I need to have a permission from the IFVARB but currently I’m just thinking about it and want to see if it’s possible.
Just to make it clear, I know how to build the website, but I need help to make it realistic.

thank you


Actually this can help VAs where to fly

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I would be interested to help, but I need to know a few things first.

  1. I need to now if you want to use a web builder or create one by hand?
  2. Will you be able to cover the costs for hosting?

This sounds great!
I’m no IT guy so sadly I can’t help:(

Umm… What? What VA airline are you choosing?

Hello, I’m not willing to pay, and I don’t know if I’ll do it in website creator or manually

This is a website where they can put in routes (like trivago, momondo) where you can buy plane tickets from VAs

Trivago is for hotels :)

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But you know what I mean

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Yes of course

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Well if you create it with weebly, wix, ect. then you can do it for free. But if you want to do it manually then you need to pay for hosting and a domain.

I could have written Finn Reise, but only Norwegians would know what it is

You have to know how to code, and also you have to know how to use wix or weekly. you must also know all the routes of all the vierual airlines, and you must know all the flight numbers and departure times. It will be very hard.

Is that possible to make a website such as this in weebly, wix etc…?

Most likely yes, but if you do it by hand then you have more options.

Yeah but I don’t want to pay…

So in weebly/wix then

yeah I would have a go with that.

Great idea. As VA Management staff, I’d be interested to follow where this goes.
Good luck!


Yes, but I need help to make this great idea to come true,. Anyone who knows how to do that with wix/weebly please contact me

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