I'm sad

I am sad… The even worse thing is it’s my fault. What happened? I got degraded 2 grades during one flight… How it happened? So I thought it was a good idea to get some extra XP with flying while asleep from EDDM - KBOS (KBOS because it’s a featured airport). So I departed and climbed to over 28000 ft. to see the estimated fight time and to be able to set my alarm 1 hour before arrival so I could land… My alarm woke me up in time and I started my descent.
The problem was I couldn’t take a longer flight because I had things to do later this morning which meant I have to take this 7,5 hr. flight to Boston but which also means that I didn’t get to much to sleep.
So after the initial descent I kinda fell asleep again for 15 minutes and when I woke up I got 4 violations more (and I think I got ghosted but I am not to sure because it never happened to me before ). Because I already had 2 violations from earlier this week where I flew around in a fighter with too high speeds I now have 4 violations in 24 hours and 6 in the week which degraded me from Grade 3 to Grade 1… Now I have to wait 1 day to get back to Grade 2 when my 24 hour violations expire and one week to get back to grade 3 when my 7 days violations expire… For today I am stuck in the madness of casual servers…
I know it’s my fault but it’s kind of depressing anyway if you lose 60 flight hours with one flight and one week of your subscription is wasted…
What I wanted to say: don’t fall asleep during important parts of a flight :D and don’t be dumb like me


Ps: I know my English is bad :D


If you check your logbook for when the first two violations where, then you will add 7 days to that date and thats when you return to the expert Server. If you don’t know how to do that just send a pic of your logbook. ; )

patience is key…

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When you receive a violation it has its own timer that starts immediately after you get it. So if you got 1 violation 3 hours into your flight and received another 5 hours later the first one will disappear before the second one and so on.

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Work them up again. It will be hard but fun

Oh really? Then I will be back in 2-3 days on the expert servers I think. Thx.


Similar happened to me two days ago. Thought that A/P was enable and prepared some food.
After I came back, I got 4 violations for speeding, bye Grade 3.

But something is strange, hope you can help me to confirm.
If I check my replay the indicated Mach doesn’t exceed 0.87 mach, is that the same in your case?

Thank you :D I didn’t know that… Thanks for the offer but I am not such a noob like it seems after my failures…

Because I got ghosted by tower of Boston I think I got disconnected which means that it don’t shows in your replay (it only shows the time when you are connected with live servers)

I wish I had patience :( lol

If you got ghosted by Boston tower then you have to try and find out who the Controller was, maybe the ghost could be reversed… (Try to check the logbook too.)

Just because you can’t fly on Expert doesn’t mean you wasted a week of your subscription. You still get to enjoy the entire Globe, you still get to enjoy all the planes!

You still get to fly, you still get to collect landings, XP and flight hours. There is a reason the Grade system exists. Keep going, and you’ll be back on Expert in no time 😊


You’re welcome mate.

Never set your altitude for below 10k until you’re sure you’ve slowed enough.


This happened to me before. Those were some stressing times

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