I'm planning to do an ultra-long haul tomorrow, but

I don’t know what to choose specifically. that is, back in the day before lock down, United did KEWR - FACT (Capetown) with a B789. what interests me about this route is that it traverses almost the entirety of the Atlantic, unlike its sister route (JFK - Johannesburg FOAR) which crosses Africa earlier. So I know I want to do New York area - Cape Town South Africa.

this is what bugs me: obviously now there are no direct flights from North america to Africa (or at least south africa), but I really want to do the NY - FACT route, but with the a359 (not 789). I’ve read that South African Airways was planning to use an a359 for JFK - FOAR, but not to Cape Town, so JFK - FACT would not be any bit realistic if I were to use an a359.

So this is choice for me: UAL b789 KEWR - FACT (realistic)
SAA a359 KJFK - FACT (not realistic)

what would you choose? lol

  • United B789 KEWR - FACT (realistic)
  • South African a359 KJFK - FACT (not realistic)

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Well, I’d go realistic.

However, it’s your choice at the end of the day. If you can’t decide, I’d recommend wheeldecide.com.

I would do the United flight as it is realistic, though just to let you know Infinite Flight did not add all A350 liveries to the aircraft and South African Airways is one of them that they did not add, which is a shame because I would definitely be using it otherwise.

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I’ve done the United Flight before, it’s amazing. Especially the approach


oh whoops well then that settles it lol

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Haha well enjoy your flight. 787 is a great aircraft and the approach will be worth it!!

I always confuse it with Ethiopian Airlines RIP

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There are flights from Newark to Cape Town with United? Really?

were* before lockdown. they started sometime in late 2019. was fun while it lasted ig lol

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