I'm planning an event when I become a member :)

Any event can be good as long as people join in and have fun :)


I miss US Airways, so I wanted to make an event dedicated to them. and since they’re a part of American now, they’re also involved. Can’t wait to be member soon.


Just be active on here and you’ll become a member soon enough :D

Their livery was so gorgeous 😢

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I’m trying to. I’ve been on for 24 straight days lol

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yeah. They’ll be gone by the end Q4 2016 or Q1 2017

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Wait a month after you join, you should become a member then …

I found the general instructions here.

wait a month? why?

You’ve only been her for like 20 days …

24 days actually.

I’ve joined February 25th, got my badge on March 24th.

I joined July 22, 2016. So don’t know when.

Weren’t you regular at some point?

I joined in May 23, I reached Basic User that day, and I remember I got Member in June 20, even I have been here all days and I got Regular 24 days ago…

No, that’s 1 month …

Actually almost 1 month, I corrected it😬

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Ah. I got confused lol.

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It got quiet in here… too quiet…

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