Im out of ideas

Im out of ideas lol, May somebody tell me what to do in Infinite Flight?

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Maybe if you fly to much, try ATC.

Just fly for fun… started using live flight and it added more options …

Fly an airplane is an brilliant idea imo

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escort some ppl?

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I love flying down river canyons that’s fun @GiulioRomano


Organise an event
Watch every IF tutorial on YouTube you can find
Join a Virtual Airline
Make a video of your best touch and go
Fly the Andes
Fly a Decathlon around Mt Everest and land on it.
Become so familiar with a mountain area, that you can organise a guided tour
Try landing a Spitfire backwards


How do i land a spitfire in that way

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Let me know when you find out


Easy, just put the winds right in your face, put them to the maximum speed. Good luck! ;)

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Thanks to everybody ! Now im hopping from an island to saba in a C172

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What ideas have you run out of ie what have you tried already?

There are some great suggestions here which I’m sure will keep you entertained!

Say everything please!

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Join a Virtual Airline!

What I do, is to plan your flight schedule of the routes you will do the following week. Look at Tyler’s IFATC Schedule and if you plan these routes out well, you may not get bored since you have a route to fly in. Also, escort others and fly the TBM-930 somewhere!

I also recommend you not to use Infinite Flight too much as this can make you a little bored after a while. One Flight a day is enough! 😉

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If you really find it hard to spend time in IF, go on live flight and try to find all the mods you can find, and just browse other flights.

On IF though,

Get in a TBM fly in a scenic route

Or try to land an A380 in Lukla without stalling. If you succeed I’ll give you ten thousand $$ in 2080

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Fly to KSJC instead of KSFO

Try that for a Bay Area change and idea


Go into a Virtual Airline.

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There’s endless possibilities in Infinite Flight and thousands of miles to explore. I would take Alaska into consideration with a TBM and explore some nice terrain around that area. You also should join maybe a virtual airline or VO as it makes the experience much more better.

Have you tried visiting islands paradisies? TIST for example is one of my favorite. ;)