I'm now Grade 4 + more

Guys! I have been playing Infinite flight for almost 5 months now, and now the day has come, I’m finally Grade 4! I was really happy until I saw something that made me even happier, this:

Yes! 747-400!! Even more coincidentally, my latest flight was in an Atlas Air 747-400😍 with @tunamkol and @That_Guy14

Thanks for reading through this post! Today a was Really nice day! :)




Thank you!

Awesome! Great job and congrats!

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Thank you! Looking forward to achieve more!

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Nice job! It took me over a year, haha.

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Thanks! I probably did it because of Quarantine

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Yeah, during quatrain I gained over 400 landings.

That’s brilliant

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Congratulations! If you made it there you can make it to grade 5 aswell, I’m sure! Cheers

What happened to the other 347 flights? 😬😆 JK!

Congrats! I was about there and then it changed with 20.1 😂 Hopefully I’ll see ya there soon!

Keep it up, aim for grade 5, 1 m xp. I’m almost there. It’s hard work getting to grade 4, I get that but keep it up &you will get to where you want to be. Best of luck

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i became grade 4 too! i sadly can’t fly rn so i hope that i will keep it

Ahh, I still remember the time when I achieved grade 5 for the first time and TL3 on forum on the same day. Great work!

Wow. That’s amazing. Long live the 747-400!

Congratulations! 🎉 🎊 🎈

Cheers mate awesome

I’ve been playing for over 10 years and even with only 5 violations total, I’ve only gone as far as a grade 3. And was recently demoted for a reason I don’t know.

I think I remember those times to, do you remember Version -2.1 and the not-so just yet Space Shuttle? Great times.


Grade doesn’t mean much other than a badge and access to servers.
There are grade 1/2 users 1009028202 times more professional than some grade 3/4/5 users

But anyway, back on topic
@Hardlanding_Hussain congrats on this achievement🎉🎉
Enjoy that badge

Yes I do. However I never used the space shuttle.