I'm not sure why I got Reported

I’m not sure why I got reported, but yesterday I was on a flight from KEWR To EGLL, and I realized that I don’t have enough fuel for the ride, so I decided to make a stop at KBOS for some fuel, i was at about 30FL when I contacted the ATC he put me on a hold to lose some altitude, on the way to the marked hold he told me “pls follow instructions” so I opened the ATC tab to see if I missed something while looking i got reported I’m not sure why

If this was on the Expert Server, look at your replay file, find the controller’s name and contact the controller via PM on here.


Contact @appeals, they will take a look at your report


Hi mate. Can you send us a screenshot of your report. If you look in logbook, you should find it there. Example:

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Wait so he asked you to hold over somewhere or your current position right? We’re you over 200kts? It is mentioned in the instruction that you do not exceed 200kts.

Let’s leave it to who ever is identified as the controller.


Negative, he can still PM @ appeals to work it out, just like @BinaryChess said