I'm not happy

I have reported from the ATC in Istanbul airport
And my grade going down from 5 to 2


That sure is one big ouch…but the important thing is if you understand what you got reported for.
Head into your report log and press the information log to find out who reported you and why, and be sure to not make that mistake again! Don’t worry, it all happens to the best of us and after a week when they are gone from β€˜last 7 days’ you’ll be back at grade 5 again.
If you genuinely think you have been reported unfairly, go pm the controller who reported you (also found on your logbook) and have a civilised discussion there; then they might reverse your report.
No need to through a tantrum, just be patient and learn from your mistakes! :)


You can see from his grade table screenshot that he was reported. @iidvdii, go to your logbook, click on your flight, it will tell you who reported you. It will also show the reason you were reported. Please PM the controller that reported you here on the IFC to facilitate a discussion where he/she can inform you further about the report.


Check your logbook and PM whoever ghosted you. Bing bang boom!


I get report from the ATC

Yes it says incorrect inbound procedures

Hi @iidvdii,

I reported you,
I’ll create a PM with you and we can discuss the report and i’ll happy explain my reasoning.



Hello my dear
I will be happy if you tell me and I will not make that again
Thank you