I'm new

I just bought IF.

Couple question. Is there anything to do or learn other than takeoff/landing if I don’t pay for subscription?

Can someone point me to a tutorial for someone that has no clue of what to do. Something easy for me to get introduced in to the apparent universe of IF. I don’t know if it’s me but when I open IF I know I can look at my planes and fly them around. But is that it? There is a map of the world there but, i don’t see how I can add my flight, or see another region I would like to fly. If I go to tutorials it just sends me to an enciclopedia of subjects.
I end up just not doing anything.


Although you may not like it, #tutorials has MANY things that you can learn and use in Infinite Flight.
Such as:


While we are at it…

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My above post has both ATC and Pilot tutorials. ATC is good to know even on solo in case you ever get live (:


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If you are looking for tutorials, check out our #tutorials and also check out YouTube videos created by our moderators @Tyler_Shelton and @Mark_Denton.

We hope you enjoy the forum and Infinite Flight!

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If you have any questions about each tutorial, ask them in the specific thread. Someone will help you out (:

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