Im new to this website, how can i comment on others topics?

idk if this is the wrong place to comment but if it is my bad

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Welcome to the community! If you would like to reply to other topics than press “reply” at the bottom of the topic you are in


Welcome to the community! As @Butter575 said, you can always click reply.

When you make a post you can have categories to put them in, but some of the categories you need TL2 but just like, post and reply to get there!

Categories include:

General: What this topic’s category is. Post IF related things here or things that don’t have an existing category.

Support: If you have something wrong with your Infinite Flight experience, ask a question using this category.

RWA: Real World Aviation, post real life trip reports or aviation news here.

RWA | Spotting : Literally plane spotting

ATC : If you are talking about something about Infinite Flight ATC

Some of them are for different languages, the ones listed as “Espanol” or “Fraçies” is (Sorry if I spelt them wrong).

Events are for TL2 members. You can post your events there.

Live are for posting things that are a series or occurring actively.

So far that is all I know. You could find more info later. But for now, have a great time and welcome to the community!

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Hi! Welcome to to IFC! Are you new to Infinite Flight entirely? Or just haven’t been part of the Community aspect?

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Welcome to the community!

ok thank you

Welcome! I think you’ll find some very interesting topics here in the community if I do say so myself.

im new to community, ive been playing if for a few months

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