Im New to the game please help me with purchasing app ERROR

Hello, so today i wanted to try infinite flight so i purchased it and wanted to try 1month subscription it gave me an error to itunes.

I wanted to reinstall infinite flight but again it wanted me to pay !!! I tried to find the purchased history and i found nothing but my money got deducted in itunes.

Please help me asap.

This sounds like something you’d need to talk to Apple with. Could it perhaps be that you’ve changed Apple-ID recently?


Hey thanks for the reply ! Yes i tried rebooting my phone and logout out and in again and it worked but i want to buy 1month subscription it gives me this error any idea how to fix it ?

That looks like a payment error. Best option is to follow the link in this case :)

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Guys i think i found the solution or not so pls answer me. My apple id account isnt linked to any payment such as phone,credit card or paypal. My friend gifted me some money using gift card does that mean i cant buy the subscription??? Help asap

If he gave you a gift card, you can use it to buy anything related to iTunes/App Store. If it’s an iTunes gift card, redeem it via the App Store or iTunes and then you can buy anything with it. If it’s a regular gift card (with 16 numbers, expiration date, and CVV code), input the numbers into the appropriate boxes for payment method in the App Store/iTunes.

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