I'm new to multiplayer, and I don't want to be one of *those* noobs.

Hello everyone, this is Winston. Callsign Delta-53. I’m new to multiplayer as I just purchased a one month subscription (While I get the money for 1 year) and I want to hop into multiplayer, but here’s the dilemma for the crowd. I don’t want to be an annoying noob, causes a strain to pilots, or holds up/delays takeoffs/landings. I’m familiar with ATC procedures. Holding-short, crossing runways, etc.

Some callouts I might need to learn.

I would love to get tips on how to fly on Multiplayer, before hopping in for the first time.


Hello and welcome!

I would suggest #tutorials firstly. And if you have any questions about anything specific ask here or PM one of us.


Welcome! Feel free to check out the #tutorials tab or the link below with all the pilot or ATC information below. It can give you extremely helpful tips and also could teach you a couple things about aviation!

I fly all the time on multiplayer so feel free to PM me if you have any questions or concerns as well! Glad you could join our amazing multiplayer servers and this community! Welcome aboard!


Thank you!

I’m glad to be on board

To take-off my adventures (pun intended) I’m gonna recreate the first ever PAN-AM flight from Key West (EYW) to Havana, Cuba (HAV).

In Single-Player obviously.

Now that I have Global.


well, @GabrielGaming21, thank you, you already went past the first step by not wanting to be a noob or a disturbance, which, trust me, means A LOT to people flying on live!


Would you like a small introduction to Virtual Airlines?
We’ve got plenty of these here in IFC, they’ve their website, discord or slack, Crewcenter, rank system and routes!
You can find all VA in this link :

Seems like you have the right attitude, which already makes you better than 80% of the pilots on the training server.

Besides what’s been said above, use your time on the training server to practice working with ATC by flying to the always busy EGLL, KSFO, KJFK.


Remember to never go down with -5000 feet per minute, go around, I would recommend you to join a Virtual airline, because you can get very good tips and tricks about flying here on IF

On the IFVARB link above you can find every official Virtual airline, also SASVA (where I work) is in the application process

Fly safe
Hope I’ll fly past you


Welcome to the IF world! Hope to someday touch on your airplane icon while sharing the sky with you. Like a lot of others said, “Tutorials”. I just recently reacquired level 5, and I still view the tutorials often. Following aviation rules and seeking even more knowledge only enhances the IF experience.


Is there, by any chance, a PAN-AM VA?

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Same to you

Keep your eye out for a Delta-53 Callsign PAN-AM 747-200.

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Look in the database :) Search in America’s category.

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@GabrielGaming21 My recommendation, even though you are new, is to start playing in Multiplayer and thus gain experience. If you are new, it will not bother us that you do not know how to do something, in fact we are going to help you to learn to do it. also the best way to learn is played and wrong. Any doubt you can contact me.
Take into account that we all started like this.
Greetings and happy flights


There’s none sadly.

I must be the only one with a PAN-AM VA

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Don’t worry about people thinking your a noob, there are lots of noobs in multiplayer. I’m a normal flyer, and I am still a noob at landing


Yeah that’s the way it is when you are new. We were all at this stage once upon a time. Welcome to the forum! Oh and I like your profile picture - 😜

Same here. I always f up my landings

Thanks for the pfp compliment :)

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