I'm new, I have questions

Hi im new I need to know what does FPL means what does HDG means what aré the blue circles on the map that look like a compass what aré the altitudes agl and msl how do i mover the plane without having to move the iPad up down left right why does the plane goes up and down when autopilot ?do you get points for turning on the seatbelt sign? What aré the gforces ? And how come You dont get told when you had a successful flight

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FPL means Flight plan
HDG means Heading
The blue circles round an airport on live are the standing requirement areas ( don’t know their real name) and they have a required standing to enter it.

FPL means Flight plan, HDG means heading, blue circles that look like compasses are VOR’s, altitude AGL means above ground level, MSL means mean sea level.

Mmmm thank You i figured i get at least 150 xp when flying online my standing percentage Was low i rised it to 88 percent

Good job! Just pay attention to ATC and do what you are told and you’ll be fine!

Answerring the unanswered questions:

You have to move your iPad up/down/left/right unless you want to stay at the same heading and altitude. No way around it

Plane goes up and down on autopilot likely because you’re flying too fast. Don’t let the throttle sit at 100%

Turning on seatbelt sign likely doesn’t give you XP points.

You can read about G Forces on wikipedia yourself. Google is a tool for you to use.

A successful flight is an opinionated question. Some may consider getting off and onto the ground a successful flight whereas others may find making the flight as realistic as possible to be successful.

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1 G-Force (gravitational force) is equal to your body weight.
I use “G-Forces” in my instrument dock so I can see the quality of my landing. Anything under 1.7 g is a good landing.

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Flight Plan.



AGL is the altitude above the ground level, MSL the altitude above the sea level.

With the Autopilot, but I don’t recommend it.

Because you are going too fast or have a wrong Trim setting.


A force acting on a body as a result of acceleration or gravity, informally described in units of Gs.

The amount of XP earned and the penalty say a lot about how successful or not your flight was.


Are you are referring to the way the plane moves up or down when you turn the auto pilot on and off?

This is caused by the elevators quickly resetting to the zero position. Only way to avoid it is by matching your trim setting to your elevator position at your designated speed and attitude (pitch)

You earn 10 XP for every minute of flight, whether flying full manual, full auto, or any combination of settings.

You earn additional points based on the quality and difficulty of your landing. The most points I have ever earned was 277XP for a 31kt crosswind landing.

You don’t lose points for crashing, but you don’t gain any landing points either.

What? I turn the no smoking and seatbelt sign on, and I don’t get XP.

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Yes, so I said that it likely doesn’t give you XP points. No need to repeat in other words what I said

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So You dont get experience points for turning on the seatbelt sign mmm… It feels like the re isnt anyone riding the plane other than the pilot and copiloto btw why is the re always alto of peopoe in the san Francisco area?. Is it because is the first one unlocked?

On the free flight server there are always a lot of people in San Fransisco. The new guys seem to like that region.
On the playground server there are always a lot of people in SoCal (Southern California). Most people go there most probably because of all the ATCs that are there.
On the advanced server we are all over the place. Anywhere you want :)

nice!! Since im in florida i wish the south Florida area covered the KMCO lol… Its justo antes opinión lol no need to také it seriously `

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@Manuel_Galindez. … My friend all of the terms & symbols used in Flight Development Studios (FDS) Application Infinite Flight (IF) can be found in an excellent publication called “The Pilots Guide to Aeronautical Knowledge”. This publication can be downloaded from the Web for free at: FAA.com.
Hope this helps in your development as a simulator aviator. Regards, Max

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