I'm looking for ATC for Event

I’m looking for people who want the ATC
put in the comments your name and what you want to be the ATC event starts in 45 minutes
1 (…) EBLG - Liege Ground
2 (…) EBLG - Liege Tower
3 (…) EBLG - Liege Approach
Continuing the discussion from Cargo Event In Liege @ EBLG - 071400ZAUG16:

20 min to go who want the ATC

Hi Martijn, currently if your even is in Expert server, you can use the Amsterdam region where this airport is, but you might not have ATC, we do have ATC available elsewhere in the region

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We do not fly somewhere we fly, we do touch and go

Ah ok, you would not require an app controller then, but if there is no ATC available there, always consider to look elsewhere in the region and I’m sure controllers would be happy to help

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Thanks, I think that there is someone like ATC come but otherwise we just use the unicom.

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