I'm looking for a new device

In the Android World -> Try a Shield.


Get the Nokia 3310, it’s powerful, has long battery life and as an added bonus you get Snake for free.


Or maybe the new Nokia 6

I would suggest you to buy Chinese Androids (It seems like a joke, But I’m serious). They have cheap prices than if you buy Samsung, or iPhones! Don’t worry, some of them runs perfectly on Infinite Flight without lag (Only half filled). For example is my Vivo’s V3. I don’t experience any issues with live while using this phone. You should try it 😊

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True… very true.
Only problem is, we were looking for a tablet,
But who cares!

Oh okay. Maybe your’s is starting to show signs of aging but mine, I put Olay on it… It’s 4 years old!

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How about IPad Air 2

The lastest Apple devices are the way to go (coming from an Android user).

no iPad air. It’s too big to carry with me

If you can wait and have the extra $$ - rumor is this spring Apple will release the iPad Mini Pro - if that really happens, to me that should be the best device on the market for IF (the regular iPad is too big for my taste, understanding some / many may disagree).

I think you should get the IPad mini 4. If you are looking for high gen graphics and amazing gaming performance then get the IPad Pro.

Legit all my devices are from apple but tbh I would like a android tablet totally not so I can root it and cheat at games like a boss

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