I'm looking for a new device

If your gonna buy an expensive device its best to get the best one available. I use the mini 4 and it works great

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While i’m still playing on a kindle -__-

Apple iPad Mini 4 or iPad Mini 3 both are good options

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iPad Air 2 is awesome

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but people said 2 and 3 is same.

I want take ipad with me so I want mini

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just grab anyone running smoothly in VERY high rendering resolution and graphics,make sure u have a device with a good GPU is ok

If you have a lot of money buy the mini 4.
If you don’t have a lot of money buy the mini 2.

iPhone 6
iPad Pro will be awesome with Global

Nexus 9 runs at full specs and can be found for £150 new

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I’d go mini 4, as the upgraded specs over the mini 2 will ensure that it lasts for years to come.

Get an iPad Air. Pretty great and runs nice. It has nerves of steel.


iPad Pro 12,9 is the best decision !


I don’t want Ipad pro

when was that come out?

I look up, and it’s say Nexus 9 is almost same as iPad air 2. is that truth?

You should really try out the iPad 4th Gen.It’s not that expensive, can run iOS 10 and runs If without lag…

Let’s say Google Nexus 9 Tablet or iPad mini 4.

Ehhhh I have the iPad 4th gen and it’s actually really starting to show its age when it comes to Infinite Flight.

If you have the money, get the iPP.
If not, then you could always save up for one :)