I'm looking for a new device

Hi guys. I’m looking for new IPad for Infinite Flight. and I’m thinking I should buy IPad mini 4 or IPad mini 2, or some other good Android FOR Global flight.

Also I want play IF with High graphics (water, Airplane quality, water quality, )
Give me your answer or advice. Thank you


I was going to say to buy an iPad Pro. Guess that you don’t have the budget if you want an iPad Mini though…


You can check here:)


I don’t have much money for buy IPad Pro…I want use Pad mini for my school work when I can’t take with me sometime

Ok. Yea, that makes sense. If your looking to buy one of the minis, I don’t see why you would buy the new 4 vs the 3, if you have the money.

You can actually only buy the 4 or 2 from the apple store…that doesn’t make any sense.

Well if it’s 2 and 3 are same. then let’s say 2 vs 4. I’m sorry about that

I wouldn’t recommend purchasing an iPad mini 4 or 3 to be honest I don’t think they even sell them anymore, but I would recommend, considering global is close to release I would recommend at least an iPad air.

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I use my iPad mini2 for infinite flight and person use and it works great.

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I want take Ipad Mini with me for my school work when I can’t take my Mac with me

what is your graphic setting on the game

They do still sell them. And for why they only have the 2 and not 3, here: http://www.gottabemobile.com/surprising-reason-apple-sells-ipad-mini-2/. Cheeky move by apple.

Wow, you’re really lucky that you get to take iPads to work with in school, my school or atleast in my country (the UK) doesn’t allow phones or iPads in class, just at break and lunch…

okay. thank you:) So Ipad mini 2 is best option for IF if I want save money. and I also can play IF with High quality setting

Not in class…for HW. If i use my phone in class, teacher will take away so:(

Oh, right… Also, if you want the best qaulity settings, go to graphics settings and turn everything up to maximum, it’ll look beautiful!

So I can play IF with High quality on Ipad mini 2

You should be able to, yes :)

SWEET!!! thank you su much!

Really? High quality settings on an iPad mini 2? Wow. That’s impressive.