I'm Levitating: Sky-Writing for the Grammys!

Hello everyone! Yesterday, I embarked on a journey that, to be honest, I had little hope in. Every time I try to do this, it fails because of an app crash, a corrupted flight plan, or horrible wind. I used Google Earth to plot out waypoints of a logo I’m sure a few of you have seen before:

Dua Lipa, 25, a pop singer from London, has just won her third Grammy award! To “celebrate,” I wanted to draw her logo/name in the sky. Using the Cessna Citation, I spent the latter part of my Friday cruising over Canada and New England spelling out her name. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Grammy Awards, they are awards given out to singers, producers, and songwriters on an award show in the United States every year.

This is what it looked like on LiveFlight before I completed the flight:

As I was finishing drawing the first “A,” I stumbled across a group flight of sorts… @UnitedVirtual crossing right across my plan!

Just over 6 hours after departing some random GA airport in Canada, without the app crashing, my journey was ready to come to an end. I began an approach for runway 35 at KMPV in Vermont! Here is me on short final for runway 35.

All in all, I would say this was a success! If you have an afternoon that is free and you don’t mind monitoring your device for a few hours, this is a very fun thing to do.

@Activer came past me in an F-22 somewhere along the way to keep me company. He broke his all-time speed record, as well! Thanks for joining me!

Congratulations to Dua on winning a Grammy award for her second studio album, “Future Nostalgia.” Well-deserved! @Hopperbolic may disagree, though :(

I hope you enjoyed this topic and in the Future, you may embark on one of these flights! Here is the link to the topic I used to help plan this flight: Sketch any Shapes/Texts on the globe and insert it to Infinite Flight


“DUA LIPA” template
LiveFlight screenshot
Google Earth shot w/ “DUA LIPA” overlay: Google Earth Pro App for Mac
Google Maps → IF coordinates: KML to IF Coordinates - Google Sheets


This is an amazing topic. I’m really a big fan of Dua Lipa!




Very nicely done! I saw you around 2021-03-21T03:00:00Z yesterday while I was taking off from Newark, looks like you were in the process of drawing the “P”. Well done, I respect the effort! 🙌


Amazing!!! It would be cool if she could notice this! You shoulda done this in the 208 lol

PS: I see you flew over ALB!!!

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@Pingu Thank you! It took a lot of time and planning as you know, but I think the final product was worth it!

@Eric_Dedicke OMG can you imagine?! That would be so epic. Also, the 208 would of been fun but it would of taken like 5 stops and 3 days to do hahahahaha. ALB all the way


Wow amazing topic @Cannoli928 i can’t do things like that 🙁 I am really uncreative… 🧐

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Her name means love in Albanian 🇦🇱

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Yes!! I always find it funny when people are like “Dua Lipa isn’t her real name”…yes it is! Why don’t we fly together sometime?! Maybe re-make this post over Albania or something

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Thanks for the invitation but i don’t think im that big of a fan tbf :) If you want we can just make a flight to Pristina where she’s originally from

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