Im kinda trash at panning shots lol (SPOTTING AT SJC)

Hello everyone! Here is my post from my first spotting day of 2024! (1/21/24) 
                                Today is SJC!

I am working on panning. This was the first day I have ever gone an entire day 
                                only panning.

First up, an Alaska Skywest E175!

A Volaris A320neo in the Barbie livery!

Here is a private Bombardier Global 6000!

IMUA ONE! This is the second time I have spotted Southwest’s Imua One at SJC.

Here is a gorgeous standard Southwest 737 MAX!

Delta’s A220-300. I am struggling to fix the colors on this shot.

What is your favorite shot?

  • 1 (Alaska E75L)
  • 2 (Volaris A20N [Barbie livery])
  • 3 (Private GLEX)
  • 4 (Southwest B38M [Imua One livery])
  • 5 (Southwest B38M)
  • 6 (Delta BCS3)
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Thank you for reading!


panning imua one while you’re not confident on panning is diabolical and i respect it


nice shots 👌

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lmao i had caught it befiore so i was kind of ok with a miss, but im still mad its a lil blurry

It’s not too bad. What’s the shutter on it?

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1/80. i think too fast.

I mean it kind of depends on the conditions and distance but I’d say 1/80 constitutes a pan most of the time

alright then.

thank you!

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@AndrewWu likes barbie?


Great shots!


thanks man!!

Title fooled me, nice shots.

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me omw to collect my 100 dollars after hitting a 1/3 pan (it is unrecognizable)


lmaoooo i love this

thank you !

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The Barbie livery is cursed


@Flyin.Hawaiian summon

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yes pls!!!

lmao true.

No offense but the Barbie movie is cringe as hel# not gonna lie 🤷🏼

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