Im just starting my virtual airline

Hello. I have been playing infinite flight for two years now. After a while, I found out there was a bigger community out of the game. I realized that you could make girtual airlines and have friends join you. I decided to make my own virtual airline yesterday, but Im could still need more help on how to do this. If someone could please give me the basics of making a good va, I would be extremely thankful!

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You’ll need to apply to the IFVARB, Everything that you need to know about this is listed on these threads,

You’ll also need to become TL2, a member, keep coming back to the forum, reading, posting and liking and you’ll be there in no time 🙂


Hey Mario! You’re currently a basic user, so when you reach TL2, you will be able to post in the VA category and advertise your VA. Until then, read these threads to get a sense for how to apply for creation of your VA and make sure you have all the necessary components. Make sure your VA has something different to offer that others do not, that will ensure you get a large, diverse pilot base. If you have any questions regarding the IFVARB application process, don’t hesitate to message me or another admin. We’re here to help.

Good luck with your VA :)