I'm just in it for the ATC

Hello, I really am just on this app for the ATC and I’ve been in the app for a couple of days now trying my hardest too play as legitly as posible but nobody listens is there a way to get me to the expert server so I can just avoid all the immature people

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You can join Expert Server (IFATC) here by contacting a scouter:


You just beat me to that link!!!


Welcome to the forum, nice to see you have a goal. Practice ATC on ts until you Qualify to apply for Advanced ATC


The recruitment link isn’t going to help you as you need a grade acceptable to enter the expert server prior to applying. Fly and get your grade to 3. Then contact a recruiter to further advance in the process.


Jake, I agree doing ATC work is fun, and in the real world you can be an ATC without being a pilot. But if you are new to IF I would recommend to spend a lot of time flying too. It gives you apperication for ATC and experience in a good approach with consideration of others. That will help you in your ATC practice! In the mean time read/watch everything on flying and controlling. Flying brings you to Grade 3 and you can fly on Expert and learn from the ATC’s there. In the mean time you build-up good skills and you can apply to become an IFATC.

And yes, there are unskilled and unwilling pilots on Training, but there’s many good ones, and if they feel you know what you’re doing you will see many followng instructuoions.

Take care!


In the mean time whilst gaining the XP and ATC ops in order to apply for IFATC suggest that you practice your ATC skills on regions which are paid for or used less frequent. Hawaii, Sydney or Singapore are all good, and generally the pilots you find there are more experienced and take it more seriously. Controlling of flying on SoCal on TS1 is sadly a waste of time!

Ok thank you everyone!!

Happy days (: