I'm just curious about the A380 and B767-300ER


what is the difference of A380 and B767-300ER?

because I myself can not understand why so much people so upset about the B767-300ER is not win.

A380 and B767 are too old. so we who vote for A380 think A380 should be rework. B767-300ER will also come a time rework too.

“IF has more than 25 aircraft isn’t it enough?”

admin may will closed here if I may not send post

I would say the last to people who have vote for A380. and to those must rework A380 “ADMIN” Good luck for work on the

Battle Of The Heavies - WINNER!
Battle Of The Heavies - Round 2

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Because their life revolves around whatever is new to the game apparently and they can’t accept the “everything will be reworked eventually” because they want it right now


The main problem here is that both are not eventually guaranteed here. We get the A380 now, but there are no plans for the 767 in the future. Given how FDS likes to rotate the category of aircraft they rework, it could be years before we get another chance at the 767. Even then, it could be a vote, a vote with poor selection with people voting for a plane that clearly doesn’t need reworking (787).

Long story short, many people feel as if this was the only big chance for a 767 rework for the foreseeable next few years.


The A380 is a double decker plane, the 767-300Er only has one level


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