I'm in grade 3

I’m in grade 3 i got report first time because I’m on finals and the tower want me to get 7000 feet and I’m on less than 1000 feet when i reply unable i got rebort!

And now i got reported be because i access the run way by mistakes the ground should ask me to exit the run way they reported me!

Before that i got overspeed reports while I’m on taxi way because the bug in the game the flight falling down inside the ground i got overspeed report and i cant control the plane because theres a bugs in the game!


Heya there! Can you check your logbook and tell us who ghosted you? Then we can help you better. :)


My biggest problem with the reports is that if it tells me I am over-speeding, it doesn’t give me much time to slow down.

ATC don’t ghost you for over speeding, for example 270 knots under 10000 feet. Those are violations, which are system generated.

Yes that is true.

In the air you have around 2-3 minutes to slow down plenty of time and on the ground you have 30 seconds again, plenty time to slow down

There report : ANDRES-LC
and about the overspend i wasn’t overspeed but the plan failling down inside the ground do you know this bugs guys ! 15809925204318792587346064099816|800x600

Send me your replay please.

You can check the overspend replay here:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rimH-wRZ0cW0AcaQn2tnX-C6km74ZNrD/view?usp=drivesdk

Will continue via PM