I'm in ENVA Trondheim Værnes Airport ATC all day

Hi! everyone. I’m in ENVA Trondheim Værnes Airport ATC all day (2020.11.3), so please feel free to get reach with me in the Training session. The Airport is ENVA

Currently descending into Billund. Maybe I’ll stop by later

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Welcome to the community @wg0632! I see that you’re currently training and looking for IFC members to fly at your airport. I’m happy to let you know that we have “ATC tracking threads”, which are basically threads that IFC members can create to let fellow IFC members know when they are open. This is a good way to find pilots to come to your session so that you can improve your ATC skills!

If you’re interested, please feel free to take a look at the tutorial below :)


Feel free to come!

Flying in in about an hour. SAS CRJ9 from Stavanger

Hello @wg0632! I was N29AG, these are my observations:

[12:18:48] I called inbound for touch and goes however you cleared me to land right away without a pattern entry. The right way to clear someone for pattern work is “number 1 cleared for the option after the option make right/left traffic. Then on the next patterns you can just say “number 1 cleared for the option”

[12:19:45] You gave me a pattern entry of enter straight in which was the correct pattern entry. However, the pattern entry should always come before the clearance.

[12:20:08] I got 3 unnecessary speed commands. There was no traffic in the area besides me so they served no purpose.

[12:25:53] late exit command, try to aim right between 60-70 knots. Also you told me to please expedite, there was no traffic in the area therefore it was unnecessary and a simple “exit runway when able contact ground on the taxiway” would have worked perfectly.

This is what you should have done in the correct order:

“Enter straight in runway 27”
“Number 1 cleared for the option after the option make right/left traffic”
“Exit runway when able contact ground in the taxiway” when I’m between 60-70 knots

Overall if I’m going to be honest that was a pretty rough session and you would have not passed your practical.

I recommend making an ATC tracking thread to learn more about ATC. Use what @TheAviationGallery linked above to help you make one.

Also if your interested in applying for IFATC here’s the link:

Keep in mind you need to be TL1 and your only a TL0. Keep posting and liking and you will be there in no time!

Also I highly recommend watching this YouTube video that Tyler made. It shows you exactly what to do with pattern work and multiple aircraft:

Have a great rest of your day!

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I’m sorry for the trouble I caused. Anyway your suggestions are valuable! Thanks a lot!

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