I'm in 2021 and a journey that will continue

Hello Community!

How are you? I hope everything going well on you end! This time, please allow me to share my journey in IFATC until now. Exactly there days ago, 2 years ago, I officially joined IFATC! Without further ado, I want to say happy reading.

A new first step begins

Mid of Januari 2021, Ramzi asked me to apply IFATC. At that time, I had no interest in joining IFATC, until he forced me to apply asap or he will report me jkjk. If I remember correctly, I applied to join IFATC in mid-January, and luckily I was able to get RoyalJordanian as a local recruiter, he contacted me via PM IFC on January 18, 2021. Long story short, I finally did a written test and passed with a score of 92%, I feel wonderful. I was lucky enough to pass the written test with pretty good results at that time (maybe if I had to repeat it again, I wouldn’t be able to get a score like that again). Ah almost forget, before I registered myself, I already had time to make an ATC Tracking Thread like recruiters in general, again this is a suggestion from Ramzi.

In my opinion, ATC Tracking Thread is very helpful for me to know and familiarize myself with the interface of the app to control ATC in Infinite Flight. For those of you who want to register as IFATC, I suggest that you can do the same before you even register. Because it will really help you to familiarize yourself with the interface and also get feedback from IFATC members who can attend your sessions.

I am very grateful for the people in the community who have given their time at that time: @Usman_A @Ritesh321 @MJP_27 @Kaven @Kedz @A320_Flyerboy19 @Nee @Chris_Hoss @1MASYBTGS @Manav_Suri @Kazuki Anthony_Morgan @LesterXavier @CO99 @CaptainN @LordWizrak @I_AM_KOREAN_FOX and other person that joined my session. Without your help at that time, I would not have been able to join IFATC by passing the practical test in one try.

Looking for something new is not easy

The day went on and the world’s condition with cases of COVID-19 which at that time could not be handled properly forced me to stay at home. As a result, learning and all activities that can be done outside the home are hampered. In short, after almost 2 months I joined IFATC and became a Specialist, I decided to apply myself to become an officer on May 6, 2021. I chose RoyalJordanian as my radar recruiter and Antoine_Turrian as my Radar trainer.

During the training session with Antoine, I also took part in a lot of Training-Time. As far as I remember at that time I was able to take part in almost more than 130 sessions in 1 month, that was an abnormal amount, in my opinion. Training-Time that I joined, especially Radar, is really help me to understand how other trainees manage a scenario conflict that occurs on the radar.

During training with Antoine, I learned a lot of new things about radar, and it really helped me. In addition, the feedback provided by community members and IFATC who were present at the Radar Tracking Thread and Training Session on the IFATC Server also helped me quite a bit.

After nearly 3 months of training with Antoine and consuming 33 Training Sessions, I was finally able to pass the practical test with sufficient results on June 14, 2021. Even though I had to take special considerations at that time. Thanks to Jamal for making the decision to gave me a pass.

I am very grateful to my community friends and IFATC who took the time to become traffic while I was a Radar Trainee, especially @PilotFabian @StefH @Rhys_V @Gritz @Andres @Erik_Popescu @Luu @Baba @Marcel_NG002 Nee @nicopizarro @Marquatzi Edoardo_C @Haribo @SB110 @JulietTango Anthony_Morgan @BAK_UOV Othman_Asli @AviationReports @WingContact @Andrew_Swift @SierraHotel @Darius_Glover @Collins4486 @Ezzie @ZuhairM @Eason_F @Lawin_S @GBKarp @Renan @Siddhansh @ToasterStroodie @Average_Gamer @Citrusinabox @FN60fps @WingContact @yazen @Varunsehdev @Rob_M @Nikita_D @SunDown @BinaryChess and other members.

Testers Invitation and a tough start

After just 10 days of my check ride as an officer, suddenly I and several other IFATC members (like: @FireCracker, @Zachary, @Cpt_Steph etc.) got a message at IFC from Tyler “Welcome to the IFATC Tester Team!” to be exact on June 24, 2021. At that time, I was very happy to be able to get this new role as a tester. A new experience again in IFATC can also be one of the determinants of whether the testee passes.

At first, everything went well and smoothly along the way since getting a new role as a Tester for the IFATC Test in June. Until finally arriving at the end of September I did a medical check-up and got quite surprising results, I was sentenced to have early stage hepatic cancer or better known as liver cancer. To be honest, it made me pretty down. But luckily I still have good friends who still support me during my tough time at that time, thanks to Alexandre, Ramzi, Thifal and Juan.

Exciting new responsibilities

After a month of getting the bad news, on October 24, 2021 to be exact, I got a message from JoshFly8 on discord. He offered me to become the official trainer. It is truly an honour for me to be entrusted with a new role with higher responsibility. It just so happened that at that time, the one who got promoted as a trainer was together with @Anthony_Morgan!

During my time as a trainer, I was quite good and happy to be able to meet various kinds of characters from my trainees who came from other countries. To all my trainees, who have been part of my journey to becoming trainers @TDLCAL @Armthnn @CamelGuy @J.B @Starman Juiceinaglass @Rjzurita @Robert_NG001 @Richi @Irfan_Adikurniawan @Black_Bird @Aiden_Forusz @Henrik003 @RhendyAvGeek @Grizzly.Saahir @Rai @LR_Games_HD @CaptainBailey_T @Alexbg29 @bumy @Elliot_003 @Etron @IFSA-Abdulrahman @LeoC . I thank you for your time during the training period and I apologize if I have any shortcomings while being your trainer. Not forgetting my trainees who are currently in the process of training sessions @Phoebe_Yang @LR_Games_HD @Yassie11 @Cagri @JayIOM @Flight67 @kool11. I hope you have patience in this training period and I can give my best in this training period.

Supervisors Promotion and the bright side is starting to show

The journey as a trainer is still ongoing, old trainees pass the test, taken new trainees and keep repeating like that until finally arrived at March 15, 2022. Tyler on sent a promotional message as IFATC Supervisor. This made me surprised and at the same time happy to have the new honour of being able to enter the leadership ranks of IFATC. Besides me, on that day Anthony_Morgan, Andres, JulietTango, Nicopizarro & Ramzi_Khairan. Once again, it was a very big honour for us to get promoted at that time.

As the days go by as supervisors and trainers which are coloured by the twists and turns of life in the real world, without realizing it I have lived my life with cancer during the therapy for 5 months 21 days. I am facing the process of removing part of the liver affected by cancer through surgery.

After the operation, my health condition gradually improved. Even so, I still have to take medicine and continue to be under the doctor’s supervision. I arrived at 1 year since I was sentenced to liver cancer October 27, 2022, thank God the doctor stated that the cancer cells in my liver had reduced quite drastically, or it was easy to say cured, even though basically cancer cannot be completely cured at least my life expectancy can still be long enough.

A new role that I never expect

I am very grateful for my better physical health condition since early November 2022. My activities have got better, especially in training several trainees. However, there are problems that occur in life that I cannot foresee and end up somewhat affecting the practice tempo for some of my trainees, for which I apologize.

The year has changed, all sorrows, joys, health, sickness have passed and the best wishes for the new year, 2023, begin to guard the first month.Until arrived on February 3, 2023 (a pretty good number for this offer, 2/3/2023), when I checked IFC I saw an incoming message which I thought was originally a pilot complaining about the report I gave, but it turns out that the message came from Tyler containing an offer for Role as IFATC Recruiter.

With careful consideration and knowing all the responsibilities that must be carried out, I decided to accept the offer given that time. Besides me Rick and Othman also accepted the offer. I feel honored with all my shortcomings to be able to get an offer to become an IFATC Recruiter. I will try my best to carry out the duties in this role.

Once again, I would give special thanks to @Tyler_Shelton @JoshFly8 @Drummer who have given their trust so far, @RoyalJordanian who has become my Tower and Radar recruiter, @Antoine_Turrian who has become my Radar trainer, @Alexandre @Ramzi_Khairan @Juan_Oosthuizen @RickG @Daeng-E who have encouraged and supported me in their own way, @NJ24 @Edoardo_C @Shane which I have bothered several times with my questions related to controlling ATC or training trainees last but not least for my other friends who have been a part of my journey at IFATC.

2 years is a journey that is still relatively new. It’s like a 2-year-old baby he can only throw a ball, knows his body parts, his speech is more understandable and some other basic things. 2 years joining as a member of IFATC is one of the interesting experiences that I have and will continue to record in the pages of my life.

Thank you for the time you have taken to read this little story. Whatever good things you do out there, good luck! Keep smiling and share kindness with others! See you in the skies! Sorry if I’m like mentioning half of the community on this topic




Where was I tagged here?

Also congrats and what a journey you have had!


Congratulations @Syncline on the 2 year anniversary! It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you 🫶


It was a pleasure to be with you, and I will cheer for you more enjoyable things in the future!


Congrats big boy! Thank you for everything! Love you so much ❤️

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Thanks for sharing your journey with us Ricky! I am really happy to have been able to meet you! And happy IFATC anniversary 🥳

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Congratulations Ricky,

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@Syncline CONGRATS @Syncline 🥳

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Awesome to see your journey and dedication for IFATC! Thanks for your excellent training, it was a very special journey and probably the best I’ve had in this community❤️


Congratulations, I was really happy because you are my trainer. I went through many training sessions with you and learned a lot from you. Thank you very much. Good luck to you, my bro❤️!

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Congrats on the 2 year anniversary! i guess i forced you and has a great result huh

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Thank you, Aiden! 🙇

On the part that I mentioned about ATC Tracking Thread 😺

Thank you so much for your kind words @FireCracker

Thank you for being a part of my IFATC’s journey Bak!

Thank you so much for everything, Alex! Love you more! 🤗

Much appreciated Baba! Thank you… 🙇

Terima kasih ji!

Thank you Rohann! Don’t copy my callsign anymore, okay 😔

I really appreciated your very kind words, Bumy! Thank you for bringing kindness on my Journey! 🤗

It was my pleasure can help you passed the test! I’m sorry for so many cancellation that you experienced. Good luck for you too! 🤗😇

Eyyy Ramzi! Thank you so much!
Yeah, I get a great result bcs you forced me 2 years ago lol 😘



It’s been and will be a pleasure to share such roles with you within IFATC, an impeccable Trainer and Supervisor and you’ll undoubtedly go even further, here’s to many more years, congrats Ricky!

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Congratulations, Ricky!

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Two years, and we still haven’t tried to tag Approach together!
I’m happy to know you, Ricky.

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Thank you so much Ricky for the tremendous job at training me, your patience and kindness have got me to the place where i stand
I love you!!! ❤️❤️😘

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Congrats, and thank you so much for helping me with my IFATC training! ❤️

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Congratulations on your 2 years in IFATC, Ricky! You’re an excellent controller and working with you is nothing short of amazing! There’s no doubt in my mind you will continue to excel further. Thank you for all that you do!