I'm heading to the Belgrade aviation museum, any questions?

Hey everyone!

Tomorrow I’m heading with my uncle (who’s a Huge aviation fan) to the Belgrade aviation museum!
Is there anything you guys would like to know? Ex; JAT airways, history of the planes, etc? If yes make sure to write your questions here and I’ll ty my best to find them out tomorrow!

This is how the museum looks like. Outside are the bigger planes, and inside are the actual historical things!

Outer view

Indoor view


See you around!


I’ll also be doing some spotting at the airport! Will make a topic about it 👍😁

I d like to know if the first ever Aeroput aircraft is there

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Have fun! Looks cool. 😎

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I’m sorry but I don’t see the point in this thread.

There’s a big huge thing called the internet to search for these kinds of questions that the peopke above and below may have.


Well, I’m just asking if anyone has any questions.

Some things you can’t find on the internet. And after all, Yugoslavia has an incredible history on their JAT airways and Air Force in which my families have a deep history in too, and I’m sure that some things can be found out personally and privately too! They might not found on the internet. I can guarantee you that it’s better in finding out yourself than simply clicking a few buttons as you are able to see perspectives from other people, and, after all, we all know that the internet can have some fake info as well…

Im sure you do. If not, than I have no idea in how I can make it clearer for you.

Edit: just searched for Nepperqiel’s question, and I can’t seem to find the answer.

Thanks! I’m looking forward to it :)

I’ll be sure to ask that! 👍

that’s look awesome!

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