I'm having some issues with the A320 engine

Hi! I was having issues today with the A320 engine at today’s South America event. When I was trying to increase the speed of the Plane it overreacts and shakes alot like there was some turbulence. When I was descending to my destination. I found that I’m on low Airspeed so I had to raise the throttle very gentle and suddenly the plane pointed it’s nose up and down and I nearly got out of control. I had to cancel my flight because I went off course in an Active Airspace and I had almost got ghosted.

I have heard of this same issue I believe with autothrust

Did this happen with autopilot?

It first happened with the autopilot and I had disabled the Auto Airspeed and I was starting to raise the throttle gently and it was starting to overreact

This is the other similar issue

There have been quite a lot of issues lately with the A320, I’m pretty sure the staff will be able to fix the bugs

i thought the throttle issue on the a320 family have been fixed already as i have not had any of that kind of issues flying the aircraft.

any staff member can confirm this please?

I had updated it to the latest version

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