I'm having major issues with live

I can’t get in to the game either. I’m just saying stuck at the terminal cause it’s more realistic to tell my “passengers”


The Servers are packed like never before. On the expert Server we’re event trying to open two regions to split the traffic in order to handle it better.
Training 1 had 98% load a while ago.
Guess we just gotta wait until traffic decreases or the FDS staff picks up on it.

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I’m sad, I’m sure you can guess why…


I’m on LiveFlight now, and it looks insane for controllers!

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We’re aware of connection issues, the servers are getting beat up with all the connections. It’ll get better once things cool down. Trying to increase capacity as much as we can…


It’s a lot better now guys… I managed to get in a flight. Go check if you can fly now. Thanks Laura!

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I am running perfect also well done on the update I am very pleased with it the new planes are just brilliant

My stats have reset to zero. Oh boy

Has your stats been set to zero?

Yeah they have

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