I'm having major issues with live

The live menu tells me their is no airplanes in the air and it’s not working right someone pls help me ! I have a iPad Air 2. Also I’m updating the regions right now and it’s taking a while. Also sometimes it’s saying their is no servers


its most likely because of the server load

What does that mean

The servers are really busy right now on all servers. An additional server has already been created. Make sure you have a good internet connection and retry in a few minutes.

Same thing on my end. Gonna re try in a few.

So u think that’s why it’s all not working

It says offline for me

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The servers load is all over the place after a major update.

Same thing with me it says I’m offline.

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Should I try flying ? Will it keep updating the regions

It’s happening to me too.

Must be the servers. I ant even get online, shows offline when I login.

Same, it says I can’t fly cuz I’m grade 1 but I’m supposed to be grade 4


That’s normal it happens all the time I’m grade 4 but all of my stats have reset usually restarting the app solves this but maybe Laura needs to restart the servers


I have restarted the app multiple times but nothing… Is this normal?

No it’s not I have done the same it’s crazy probably due to the influx of players as they have made two training servers now and their were 160 people flying in California earlier

Happening to me too! My flight is stuck at the terminal now!

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Same here. Rip Live.

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I thought I was the only one

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At least you can go in, mine is still trying to load my info.