I'm going to JFK

The title explains it all I’m just wondering from anyone who’s been there what it’s like (I’m going to JetBlue’s T5) what’s the shops and restaurants like etc. And are there any good places to go spotting at T5?


Well let’s just start that JFK is huge. It’s been a long while since I’ve been there so I can’t help you with shops and such but I do remember T5 and you should be able to spot some great take off and landings if they are using runway 13L/31R or 04R/22L T5 sits right on the corner of those two runways

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T5 is a great but if I were you I would visit T4 which is the main Int. terminal. It’s got Delta, Emirates, Virgin Atlantic, etc. Than I would visit T5 and 8.

If you want airline variety, go to T1, and T4. The majority of intl. flights depart from there. I’ve never been to JFK but I live close by so I know a lot about it.


There’s a Ben & Jerry’s at T5 ;) can’t forget about the rooftop or the engine though!

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I’m going to JFK in 3 weeks exactly!

@Darth_Sidious I’m going there on April 7 for a flight to London!


Have a nice time. ;)


I’m going on the 7th to! from Glasgow to London Heathrow in an A318 British airways then London Heathrow to JFK in a B777-300ER American Airlines it was supposed to be British airways B747 but our flights were changed for some reason :(

Really? Thought that was only on the LCY-SNN-JFK?

Yes an A318, why? You don’t need a large aircraft for such a short flight

I think you might want to check again.


Sorry, I can’t help it! Flights are already booked…

I was just saying you won’t be on a A318, but have a nice trip :)

Smallest aircraft on that route is an A319. Sometimes operated by A320/A321. Otherwise there’s GLA-LCY which is either an E170 or E190, or GLA-LGW with BA which is again A319/A320

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I see atleast 5 British airways A318’s going to and from Glasgow and London Heathrow

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A318’s don’t fly that route, they never did.
Just face it and stop lying.

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T3 has a small mall in it I’m not sure about the other terminals you can spot anywhere at that airport

I live directly under the flight path and I can tell you he will be, as I see them daily. So…

Well you definitely don’t .