I'm going to get a citation for the citation!

I did a flight on the training server from Oakland County INTL (KPTK) to Charlotte Douglas (KCLT) and managed to do that flight in less than 1 hour, I realized when i looked at my groundspeed indicating 622 knts, My real question is whats the furthest east it can go from LAX?


JFK, Newfoundland in the middle of the ocean etc

In short St Johns CYYT

Nobody said it has to be in the United States. Going on google, you can see that the CCX’s range is 3701 miles.


You can then go to gcmap.com, and draw a circle on the map using the search bar:


You can see that the farthest eastern distance you can go with the CCX is somewhere in Greenland. Using maps, you can see that the farthest distance rounded to the nearest city is around Kulusuk Airport (BGKK).

Now, these distances may actually be altered due to winds; since you’re headed west (and the CCX physics are a bit off), you could probably reach somewhere around Reykjavik (BIKF).


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