I'm going to fly with an Air France A319 from South Africa to Paris airport

It’s called a challenge

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I love it and how rewarding your flight will feel when you land

Now, 394kts at 30 000 feet. ;)

Going to divert at FNLU airport to refuel. :)

I found you on liveflight :)

You’ve got a long way to go.

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Just landed at FNLU airport to refuel. ;)

Takeoff at FNLU, did someone founded me ?

Pause the simulator than put the device to sleep without leaving Infinite flight. :)

If that means going to the menu screen where you can adjust time and weather and etc… then sure, but it still isn’t going to physically pause the game…

If that means to lock the device, by going to the lock screen and keeping IF run in the background, then the flight will end as the app will close eventually…

But you do you, and I wish you a safe flight and good luck with closing the device or what you are planning to do :)


Going to divert at DABC for refueling. ;)

Hey Phillipe, LCY-JFK??? I know it’s not as long but still. That’s in a 318, so that’s even smaller than the 319.

Just landed at LFPG airport, I’m in the gate.
I finished my flight. ;)

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