I'm flying TAP A321LR Transatlantic what should I expect?

Hello everyone! On the 11th of July, I will be flying Air Portugal from Newark to Porto with their brand new A321NEOLR. (Thats a mouthful) What should I expect, as I am going transatlantic? I saw that @IFliPlanes made this topic Flying British Airways A321neo for the first time, what should I expect? but I wanted to see if anyone has been transatlantic on the 321LR for this long (7 hours) and if it would be comfortable.

I have seen many people say that the 321LR is almost like the same as their 339, such as

as well as

but are they the same comfortably?

Any feedback would be appreciated!


I guess you would have to take one for the team and then share your experience with us so we know what to expect 😉. Must be great to fly on this aircraft, take loads of pictures and make a review, it will be a hit!


Make a trip report, I’ll watch it/ read it no matter what. The A321LR is a unique aircraft (At this time) and I’d love to see how it is like!

Also since the A321LR is a NEO, tell me what it’s like.


Here’s what I found about the cabin
Not much but it is a start

Edit: found some more content but it is the same you linked above
Also, considering they’ll be used for transatlantic flights I believe the seats should be confortable, otherwise the seats would be the same then the A320neo

The food tends to be good when the catering comes from Portugal (based on experience)

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It doesn’t look that bad.

It has good leg room it’s not to unlike the 757 in size but more modern

I mean sorry IFC but I suck at doing Trip Reports

I can record the take off and landing, and maybe say somethings about the food and communications with the cabin crew, but I suck at making flight trips lol

Maybe describe the cabin, the noise of the engines, the smoothness of the landing, the food, the In-Flight Entertainment, etc

Just take pictures! Take pictures of the snacks, seat, IFE and it should be good!

Also, apparently the air recycling system isn’t working very well, because apparently some members of the crew and a lot of passengers got nauseated, with some actually threwing up.
Hope Airbus fixes this asap

Only found an article regarding the A330neo but according to the news it happened too on the A321LR. I’ll link them if I find them!

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I’m not good at that lol
I can’t tell what is a smooth landing or not haha
and the food would be biased as I am portuguese…


Well if the landing is smooth you won’t really feel the plane touching down, and if it’s hard you will bounce around or be jostled around in your seat

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Uh oh even worse is that newark has had outbreaks of the measles but I think it is gone. Hopefully…


Oh Rip hopefully it’s gone through.

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Also, it can be like a simple picture trip report or something.

I’m personally going to make mine with video and pictures for the IFC.

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You should expect to have a good time flying a narrow-body aircraft over the Atlantic!


This is just to help you ^

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you should expect a sore bum… even with new seats

Also forgot to mention, Quietness and a peace of mind since the new CFM LEAP engines are quiet.

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