Im Flying Around the World any route recomdations?

So far i have flown on these Flights

Reykjavik to New York JFK (WOW Air A330)
New York JFK to London Heathrow (British Airways B777)
London Heathrow To Frankfurt (British Airways A320)
Frankfurt To Berlin (Lufthansa A320)
Berlin To Dublin (Ryanair B737)
Dublin to London Gatwick (Aer Lingus A320)
London Gatwick to Paris Orly (EasyJet A319)
Paris Orly to London Heathrow (Air France A318)
London Heathrow to Los Angeles (British Airways B747)
Los Angeles to New York LGA (American B757)
New York LGA to Tampa (Delta A319)
Tampa to Dallas Love Field (Southwest B737)
Dallas Love Field to Chicago Midway (Southwest B737)
Chicago Midway to Toronto (WestJet B737)
Toronto to Vancouver (Air Canada B767)
Vancouver to Los Angeles (Air Canada A321)
Los Angeles to Tokyo (ANA B777)
Tokyo to Auckland (Air New Zealand B787)
Auckland to Sydney (Qantas B737)
Sydney to Perth (Virgin Australia B777)
Perth to Johannesburg (Qantas B747)

And these are the Plan Flights i have

Johannesburg to Dubai (Emirates A380)
Dubai to Mumbai (Air India A320)
Mumbai to Seoul (Korean Air A330)
Seoul to Tokyo (Korean Air B737)
Tokyo to Paris CDG (Air France A380)

Do you have any recomdations?

The good Seattle to Juneau route never fails. The aircraft used is the Alaska Airlines 738/739.


Buffalo to Orlando with a JetBlue A320

You can’t go wrong with Emirates’ 4-times daily service from OMDB to VRMM on their 777W. Might wanna wait until the rework.

You can also do Paris to Memphis on the FedEx 777-200F.

Seattle to Anchorage! (@anon38496261)


That’s also a good flight! It’s a tie for both routes imo. Great scenery throughout the whole journey.


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