I'm Fine, I'm totally not breaking down. (IFATC KLAX Session)

I mean first time controlling KLAX did not go downhill like I thought it would, Defidently a big step up than KSFO, or EGLL, but ops ran smoothly the whole way through and I had a nice departure rhythm.

DEP. RWYS: 25R, 24L
ARR. RWYS: 25L, 24R
Thought Process: Aircraft on Northside or airport head to 24L for departure, aircraft on South Side of airport head to 25R. Cargo, cross 25L, departure 25R. (Contacted Tower for the crossing of 25L)

Without holding back, let me introduce you to some hot shots of airplanes at KLAX!!

Image 1: Overhead shot from Tower High cam overlooking KLAX Tom Bradley.

Image 2: Banana Bus landing on RWY 25L

Image 3: FedEx DC-10 at the cargo stands.

Image 4: Two Southwest shots, one landing one punching back.

Image 5: Emirates A350 Tower shot.

Image 6: Southwest B737 Lining up 25R with Alaska Also lining up.

Image 7: United B787 Taxing with an American Airways TWA retro livery in the background.

Image 8: Aeromexico B787 on final for 24R.

Well, Tha’s all for now. First IFATC session topic down. Please rate, help me with feedback.

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Awesome photos!

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Yes awesome shots my friend!

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Thank you @Noah_Wills & @RyMan For your kind words

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Great job mate! I love the photos!

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Thank you for your kind words!

Awesome stuff! <3

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Thank you very much, I really appreciate it!

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^_^ now give me your cookies.

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