I'm experiencing crash of the app on iPad Mini 4

Like what the topic has said, I’m experiencing this problem. When I type my route on iPad Mini 4, the app crashs, which means I return to the home page. I have tried to reinstall the app, but the problem still exists. Someone please help me! I want to upload a screen recording here, but I can’t upload it. If anyone needs the video, please contact me. Thanks.

Hi, I also experience the same! It’s a common problem, so it needs to be solved, just instead of copying the flight route, just introduce the route by your own without introducing points that doesn’t appear on the infinite flight simulator, I think I have explained, let me know if not!
Enjoy the day!

Yeah, this is the problem. Better let the staff knows, and if it’s not fixed, I can’t fly anymore.

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Thanks, mate. U really helped me a lot. Enjoy the day!

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You too mate!