Im currently unhappy with infinite flight

I really hate to make this topic, but i may have to. Take this down if you want, i really dont mind
Recently, ive been unhappy with infinite flight.

There are a few reasons why:

  1. lots of unfixed bugs.
    Over updates and updates, IF has accumulated many bugs and glitches. for updates this is pretty common, though recently most of them have gotten unfixed, such as the screenshot lighting box, ATC lock on view being glitch and flashy, able to see fan blades through aircraft, DC-10 flaperons being off the plane, pilot heads missing, 747SCA blades glitched, and even more. These glitches individually aren’t much, but they have been accumulating over the past year and have been making it hard not to notice them, and most of them have not even been mentioned by developers.

  2. uneventful updates.
    Though most of the updates released are very good, about half are just minor improvements.
    Some just add maybe 5 liveries, or something that was missing that should’ve been fixed/been there since day one since it was introduced. The only thing recently that has been improving has been number of 3D airports per update. Recent aircraft reworks have been great, but have been laced with bugs, or some disappointing missing features from past updates.

  3. forgotten features
    There are many features that have just been forgotten, but i will focus on one: replay mode.
    Yes, ive been told “yes it will be worked on in the future” but when? Time nowadays is rare, in a week most people forget and movie on, and then no-one talks about it so it needing an update gets pushed back. An example of a feedback loop. The replay mode is something ALOT of people use, but hasn’t seen a proper update in years, and in fact due to neglect its quality is going backwards.

I am not making this topic to hate on infinite flight, im doing this because i love it.
and i want to see the best for/from it


Hello & thank you for your feedback!
Just a few short sentences from me regarding this;

Most of these are due to the transition process we’re currently in with Project Metal ongoing. Some things breaks when new things are introduced into the pipe, and unless critical - it’s “tolerated” until we reach the point in Project Metal where it’s fixed properly. It’s not perfect, but it’s better to progressively do it like this than all at once as it also allows us to implement some new and highly requested features in the mean time (3D buildings & taxi lights for example, would not have been possible otherwise).

This is what i would call a quite subjective opinion and that’s perfectly fine. They become “less” eventful since they are more frequent, yes. If we would have skipped 2 or 3 of them but released the same content in 1 update that we now do in 2 or 3, a lot of people would have “cheered” that we’re doing so much. More frequent updates but perhaps with less content in each update comes with faster turn-arounds. For example - we confirm a feature, a livery, a fix for a minor or major and annoying bug or anything. Instead of having to wait several months, it’ll most likely come in the next update or the one after (highly dependent on the feature, of course. Some take massively longer than others)

If it’s not broken and not spoken about - you’re right, it gets “forgotten”. But the reason for that is just that, it’s not broken and not spoken about. There have been improvements to a lot of things in the replay since it was released. They’ve been rather small, but quite many.


Thank you for your well thought-out response.

Well yes, “project metal” will have an effect on bugs, but sometimes it is hard to understand and comply when something is so “tell” and not “show”.

Whilst liked i said, most updates are eventful, but i do notice that lots of updates do get forgotten quickly.

And i do find it hard to believe that the replay system has been updated in any large margin, as i have not seen any improvements in years

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Apologize if that seemed like a harsh comment. Didn’t for it to be so.

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You & me both. Rendering & graphics are so far out for me. My professional background within technology does however gives be the benefit of sympathetically understanding the difficulties that comes with swapping things out like this, fortunately. But regardless - it’s a pain.

True. But that’s only logical. If you have 2-3 events in 1 year, you’re more likely to remember them all more clearly compared to if there were 10.

I didn’t say large. And i don’t see what “large” things there would be to update.
But there’s been numerous additions to what the replay picks up that it didn’t initially, improvements especially on the ATC side and similar.

Nothing was harsh - it was i who deleted it to avoid clutter :)


Thank you for the polite response, whilst lots of this may not be true 100%, it could still be a problem in the future.

I didnt want to make this because i hate infinite flight and want to see it fail, but it’s because i want the best for it moving forward


What goes around, comes around.
As we’ve said many times - if feedback is communicated in a constructive and civilized manner, we will respond accordingly :)


Well this was entertaining and useful. Thank you @schyllberg for spending your time here. And I hope to bump into you guys again. Peace!

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Might add that this was on our “Pro’s & Con’s”-list when making the decision to do more, but smaller updates. So we weren’t unaware of this might happening. But so far, there are more Pro’s than there is Con’s.


Wow, I didn’t know about Infinite Flight’s Project Metal. It’s great that you guys are thinking long term. As a developer, I understand how important it is to sometimes rewrite parts of codebase with new tech without changing the output. It’s not a good feeling for the user of software (in short term, as they don’t see much in updates), but devs know it’ll will pay huge dividends in long term.

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why don’t u fix it then

Fix what? Please be specific.

The bugs caused by the implementation of Project Metal are not bugs the devs can fix easily. They take time to fix and then fixing those bugs creates new bugs. All games have bugs and glitches.

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I kinda have to agree with you.

Regarding point 1. I don’t experience a lot of bugs to my end, but some useful features requests should overtake liveries work, they are more needed that just a painting…

Regarding Point 2 I miss the excitement we were getting for bigger updates that was coming only 3-4 times per year, having 8 updates with some little additions just makes the thing less exciting…

Regarding point 3, I think you never knew how the first replay functionality looked like. Actual replay is better than never because the full session is saved and you can save / share it with other peoples. Let me say that I don’t have any issue with the actual replay (maybe the loading time for some of them) and it went far from when it comes from…

But in the positive side I can’t deny that this flightsim got very far from scratch. If you looked from the firsts versions with small regions to global, and global 3D airports, you will notice 3 or 4 HUGE improvements along the lifetime of Infinite Flight! Thanks again to developers and everyone that have worked and still work to bring this sim always pushing the limits of mobile flight simulation.

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I agree with:

How I experience it is that the glass seems very full compared to minimal empty space. Focusing resources on the highest priorities creates more excellence than fixing more marginal pursuits in the name of perfection. Everything has a cost. Spend wisely seems to be the operating rule. Viewing it this way is why I am happy.

That never occurred to me. Am I missing something? Presumably this is personal taste? I’ve been thrilled by the overall trajectory of upgrades. And never felt let down by any individual update, though some may be bigger than others.

Sorry to resist on 3 points, but what is not to like about replay mode? I well remember before it existed. And it’s one of my favourite added features.

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About comment 3:

It was a bit more about section 1, lots of bugs introduced but not fixed.

And 4:
I love replay mode too, i use it ALL the time. But in its state often requires loopholes to use is some areas

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