I'm confused

So I’ve heard that global is coming soon. But what difference does it actually make? If you are a free user then does that mean you basically can’t go around the world (not that I’m bother about that)? So for free users, you get the engine on/off, the new terrain improvements, the new fog and altitude graphics and the limit amount of fuel. If I’m wrong then please could you tell me? Thanks

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Welcome to the Forum! I would recommend reading this:
This will hopefully answer your questions.

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I have, I still don’t really understand though

Everything we know for sure about global is in that post. Anything else to do with global is almost pure speculation and you are unlike to get a solid answer. These kind of topics aernt needed - I know it’s not just you. I like that we know so little that way it will be a surprise. Just look forward to it and remember most of the time we know as much as you