Im confused.

Hi guys, today, on expert, im in a flight and approaching to 34R of OTHH. But the controller say me “please follow instructions” and “please check ATC commands on the forum”. Okey, the controller say “turn right heading 310, mantain 3.000 until established on the localizer” good, but, the heading 310 isnt the heading of the runway. Finally, i leave the flight because i am very confused. Help!
These are my questions:
What is the localizer?
What is the difference of ILS, GPS and Visual?
What the controller say me it?


The localizer tells you if you’re aligned with the runway.

GPS and ILS are similar, using the glideslope which tells you if you’re too low and the localizer (IDK about GPS)

Visual is flying to the runway with your eyes.

Were you on right base when the controller issued this command?

I think yes. But i dont know what happen.

Hi, @Ulises25 I would recommend checking out the ATC manual or some tutorials on communicating with ATC.
If the controller tells you to turn to a heading, you must turn to the heading. He probably was trying to vector you for the approach at OTHH 34R.
The localiser helps you line up on the runway. If you can provide the information of letting us know whereabouts you were around the airport that would help.

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I think what the controller was trying to do is vector you to turn base onto final using 310 degrees, then 340 degrees.

Im turned to the heading!

Maybe, so i leave to turn?

I think right base of 34R

Controllers aim to intercept an aircraft on to the ILS or GPS at an angle of 30 degrees, therefore the reason for the heading of 310 as the runway is 340 which is 30 degree intercept.


Oh! Good! So i need to turn to 340!

The localizer is the instrument at the bottom center part of your screen. Basically, ILS/GPS/Visual are different approaches, with GPS used the least often (many airports don’t have GPS approach at their different runways).

The ATC will give you vectors to intercept the localizer (they’ll be no more than 30 degrees different from runway heading).

There are many tutorials here and on youtube that will help you understand how ATC approach will vector you, and what the different approaches mean and how/when to use them.

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Yes,once you’ve caught the localizer you can align yourself with the runway.

You maintain the heading of 310, and can complete the turn to runway heading to establish yourself on the ILS or GPS, if they have cleared you for the approach.

Perfect! Thank you very much guys!

Never mind, the problem has been solved.

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This video explains it pretty well! As Declan mentioned, the controller will try their best to make you intercept the localizer at 30 degrees.


Thank you! IF is the best

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Hi @Ulises25

I was the Radar controller at OTHH. I have contacted you via direct message.