I'm confused

So I spawn in at JFK and I’m tuned into ground making my flight plan when the controller tells me I’m in an active airspace and need to contact departure when I haven’t even asked for pushback yet. I got this message twice and was wondering if I or the controller was in the wrong here? Also sorry if this is not supposed to be in ATC


If this was on the Training Server, the controller is in the wrong, don’t pay attention to those types of atc. Try working the best with them until you can reach the Expert Server. :)


If you were on Training Server, this type of ATC behavior is to be expected. There are no standards set for the air traffic controllers on a Training - anyone can try it, whether they know what they’re doing or not.

On Expert Server, a group called IFATC (Infinite Flight Air a Traffic Controllers) manages all of the Expert Server controllers, making sure they are knowledgeable and properly-trained before controlling on Expert.

Hope this helps!


Ok thank you and yes this was on training server


Yes it did help thanks


They were in the wrong here. Not all of us are like this on TS. Many of us are trying provide good control operations on TS.


Yeah you just gotta ignore that and if u don’t wanna change airports honestly just tune out of the freq and go to settings and mute the ATC volume. Cuz the controller can’t do anything as they think a departure is great to handle aircraft on the ground 😂 and just look forward to when u can fly expert server. I for one can promise I won’t tell u to contact departure there 😂😁

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You also have to deal with KLAX on guarding you while you are a 1000 miles away.
Like everyone said above, ignore them. If you are on the right frequency and get bombarded by other frequencies, just stay with the right frequency until its time to switch to another.