I'm confused

Just landed in VHHH after @jersey_paul guided me in. I land and he directs me to exit runway. I exit and request to switch to ground. He instructs me to check tutorials on IFC forums. Hmmm? I’ve been doing this for a while and have never been told that for requesting a switch. After I all, I shouldn’t have been on Tower anymore. I then switch over to ground and request taxi to parking. I begin taxing to parking and receive a “wait for atc instruction before taxi”. What? Do you want me to just stop on the runway? Do I need to mention I was already at the gate with engines off when I received this message? I’m just confused.

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You can always message the controller if you feel like a mistake was made. We do learn from mistakes you know

I didn’t get ghosted or a report. Was just wondering why I received this message totally out of context?

Ask him then

When they tell you to exit, the message says “Exit runway when able, contact ground on the taxiway

You are supposed to automatically switch frequencies.


It could just be a simple mistake. Like I stated before, if you were to contact Jersey he could maybe an explanation of the situation

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i think you could have just switched to ground after you exited the runway without requesting a frequency change? when you requested taxi to parking did the ground controller gave you the clearance? if not you can always taxi slowly while waiting for the clearance i guess

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Yes. I did that. Then I was told to check IFC tutorials on the forums

Oh, I see!

Did you switch to the ground frequency when on the runway? This is incorrect, and you should switch to ground after you are past the hold short line. This could be part of the issue.

You shouldn’t request to change frequency if the controller already instructed you to do so in a previous message, just as @Will_A mentioned

I switched to Ground after clearing all runways. I held short on taxiway to let traffic pass.

Let me watch my replay to see if I was at fault.

Do you know who the controller was at the time you arrived at VHHH? Send him a message, I am sure this will be sorted out in no time ;)

IFATC - Jersey Paul. I tagged him above

@TCHeincy if you know the controllers’ forum username, then this isn’t appropriate. Please message the controller directly, we can’t help you.

Please, please message the controller. He will know best as he was there with you. If he wronged you in messages, he will state that, and learn from the mistake. Have a good day.

Things happen ig

@TCHeincy, So when the tower controller tells you to exit runway it also includes an instruction to contact ground. Requesting a frequency change is a duplicate message. No need to request frequency change after you were told to exit the runway. Hence the check forums message.

When you exit, and are clear of the runway, the best thing to do is stop at the hold short line. Do not taxi until your have received the go from ground to taxi to parking. That is why you heard ‘do not taxi until instructed’ message.

Its good to check up on forums once in a while, because as much as we may think we have everything down, there are always things to learn from on the forums.


Hi TCHeincy
I will PM you shortly