I'm confused

If I’m at Zurich doing TWR and GRD (of course on TS1) and a grade 4 doing pattern work decisides to ask for transition after a 🛫 doesn’t that mean I give them transition and they leave my airspace 🤔

No, that means I want to pass through your towered airspace.

But not land right 🤔

No, I can land if I chose to. After you clear me for landing when I request it.

They ask to go through my airspace then didn’t ask to land… I gave transition for 5000 and then they just landed they never requested to land. I would have either cleared them to land or give pattern instructions. Am I wrong 🤔. Oh forgot to state that the grade 4 was already above transition request altitude but I gave them transition anyway instead of just ignoring them

I’d have a look at this tutorial.

And this discussion on transitions:

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When I call in for a tranistion that’s not the transition clearance, that’s me reporting to you my altitude and distance from the airport.

N1T3 is 6nm from Philadelphia International Airport at 4500ft requesting transition.

I thought that transition was 5nm and within surface

Picture a transition as “I want to cross though your airspace at what altitude can I safely pass through your airspace without interfering with existing traffic in the pattern?”

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I agree but what happens when the ask for transition and just lands

They are using the wrong command. Some may ask for transition and then ask for inbound.

Thank you so much so I wasn’t wrong for not giving landing clearance unless they ask

I did request for landing after the transition Jeodaine… and you told me to go around. I was on right crosswind.

then I’m wrong if u asked after transition I thought you were leaving the airspace since you were already above 5000 when I gave the transition so I ignored…sorry for that still learning

I was above 5000ft MSL. I was below 5000ft AGL. I think that’s what confused you.

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When I click on your info you were already at 5000

Yes it did my bad 😂😂😂😂

This has been resolved… close this topic

Yes, that’s in MSL. Mean Sea Level. You give transition clearances in MSL and on the map an aircraft’s altitude is shown in MSL.

LSZH for example is at 1,417 feet MSL so pattern alltitude is at 2500ft to 3000ft MSL which equals to 1,000ft to 1,500ft AGL. Your airspace ceiling is 6,500ft MSL, 5,000ft AGL. I just rounded up.

Gotcha understand now and will provide better service to the pilots…Thank you…but I’m keeping my silly operations 😂😂😂being that everyone thinks they are the worst such only giving pattern work to GA aircraft

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