I'm confused, can someone help?

So I was flying normally as you do on the training sever at a normal speed and a normal height from Moscow to London and a message pops up on my screen in red saying ‘Violation Limit Exceeded’ and I’m very confused as to why because I wasn’t doing anything wrong and I had only gotten L1 violations before and I had only gotten 2. So I am very confused. If anyone could help me, that would be great.

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It seems you got some overspeed violations during the flight, so the game disconnected you after you received three of them.

If you feel that the violations are because of a bug, feel free to send a replay to @appeals and we can take a look.


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A overspeed violation can be caused by doing over 350knts above 10,000 and when under 10,000 not above 250knts.

If you do believe you received a report uncalled for, do as @ToasterStroodie said :)

Hope this helps! More information could be found in the user guide.

But you get violation doing 350 above 10.000ft

did I say over or under? I think my dyslexia did something weird for that


@Axismax10_YT What altitude and speed were you at? What aircraft were you in?

Some how you did get violation 🤷‍♂️

It’s ok it happens to the best of us no sweat :)

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Sorry @USA_ATC, I’m going to go and check that my dyslexia is not freaking out!

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I never did, though when I was a new player on training, I got so many it was incredible that I never rage quite any flights!

Important note here is that the Flying guide references MMO

MMO is the indicated speed that a particular aircraft can sustain structurally (ref the “barber pole” on the airspeed indicator) at higher altitude

Therefore don’t assume the cruise speed you had in 787 will be the same for a Dash 8 or any other aircraft

I was at Mach 0.85 and was flying at 31,000 ft

and I was in an A350

I’m not sure what happened to you there did you have auto pilot on? And we’re you accounting for the wind are 2 things that come to mind. Sometimes at lower altitudes high speeds can be hard to maintain because of the thicker air and a tail wind will add to that.

As you go higher they speed decreases

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