I'm Coming Back To Infinite Flight!

Hey everyone!
As most of you know, I love to be an active part of this community and I love helping and being apart! But I’ve actually been taking a break from Infinite Flight for some time now. Ive been so busy with outside things that I sadly haven’t had much time to play. My subscription ended a pretty long time ago, and lately I have been missing it very much. One of the main things I do on IF is photography, and I’ve also been on a break from that as well, and I really just miss it SO MUCH.
Infinite Flight just makes me feel at home, and this community makes me feel so welcome. :)
But the good news is…
I will be back on IF very soon! I can’t wait to be back with all of y’all!
I missed it so much, and I’m very excited to be back!
I just love the atmosphere, and realness of this amazing game. Im just in awe of this amazing game and how far it has come over the years.
Thanks for reading this, and I hope to be flying with some of y’all very soon! Im so pumped!
-IFC NorthernSkyy
(Also when I start flying again, that’s my username^, and since I’ve been gone so long, I’m back at Grade 2, but I’m doing some extra landings to get back up to Grade 3)


I’m glad you’re coming back! But I’m not entirely sure a new topic was needed. Anyways, have fun in the skies!

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Welcome back!! As you may know the dev’s are working on new 737 winglets and Wingflex! Also The A10 will be fully reworked just to infourm you to let you know.

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Yes! I cannot wait to fly them! I haven’t stopped being active on the community, just IF. :)

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Oh ok! That’s still great! how long were you away? and your grade last time you stopped playing because if it was over 90 days you may need to work back up.

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I honestly don’t know how long I’ve been away haha! Maybe a couple months, probably like 4 or 5.

Then you might have to work back up to your original grade. Because That would be about 100 to 90? days (math is terrible i suck at it Id say 130. to 131

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Yeah. Its mostly just the landings in the past 90 days :)
But thank you for supporting! As I said in my post, I can’t wait to be back in the IF skies!

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Know what day yet or no?

Welcome Back! Lots has happened since you left.

  • The A350 was added!

  • The Space Shuttle is back!

  • There is now 50 more Grades. Once you reach Grade 55, you get a Pro Sub for life! You must have 9999999999 XP and 999999999 Landings.

  • Casual Server recieved a major makeover. Now, the point of flying there is to troll others and deliberately crash into other planes, while on the ground or in the air. It is truly a very Ryanairish experience!

Note: The above info might not be true.


I wish lol.

Wow that’s amazing! Cant wait to fly them! (sarcastic)


Welcome back my friend! It’s always a delight seeing someone return! Wishing you the best of luck. The community is here if you need assistance!

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It’s as true it can get 😉

Anyways, Welcome Back to IF @NorthernSkyy. Can’t wait to see you in Expert again :)


Welcome back we’re glad to have you back

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Thank you everyone for your warm welcome! This is why I love the community :)

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It’s great your back. I thought about leaving IF but realized I’d be back in like a week lol.

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@Dylan_M @Captain_JR As true as it can get. Lol that really made my day. Very Ryanairish experience. @NorthernSkyy welcome BACK!!!


Hey there! Welcome back to our great community. Have fun in the skies!


Glad to see you coming back! See you in the skies!