I'm Breaking Down In Tears! Who Has a Therapist!

The B747 era keeps coming to a close every single day! All the Instagram reels, posts, and youtube videos are tragic! This aircraft can’t leave so fast!

Here are all the B747s in Infinite Flight that I have flown recently and a screenshot!.

The B742 departing KJFK en route to Paris wearing the Pan Am colors.

The aircraft most of us remember! The B744 sporting the United Colors landing at KSFO!

One of the last carriers to still fly the B748 commercially!

Man, I kind of miss being able to fly this aircraft around! I mean the Spaceshuttle.

Sadly Sofia got returned recently!

Is anyone else in tears about the queen being retired and removed from service?


Yeah, I am fine, my eyes are just sweating


I’m very sad, seeing images of the final QFA 747 water salute, or its final ATC communication makes me tear up.


I remember those fondly, glad I got to fly on them a few times. also is that a reworked SFO I see?


No, What makes you say that?


The EMAS and green-colored concrete

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No, that is me playing around in the editor!


Oh okay. How cool 👍

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Unfortunately I never got the chance to ride one. However I’m still in tears.

I’m very sad about her retirement as well, flew on her YMML-KLAX (my username is her registration).


Yeah I’m sad. In my opinion, the most distinctive airliner is the B747, due to it’s iconic hump. Sadly, the main focus is economics and the B747 is just not that economical :'(

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