I'm bored

There’s just to much to do to be bored


Wow! Those sure sound nice! Thanks for the suggestion

Find an airline so like easyJet find all there routes and fly each of them keeps the interest up

Or join me being Air force one and 2

@George_Anastasis wanna escort him? :)

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I think we’ll do EDDF-EGLL you can come with us if you want

Expert server?

yep, expert server I’m making a thread

I’m on remote stand V129

Sorry was dealing with some VA stuff! back!!

Noo! I’m on grade 3 now! I was not paying attention to my descent and got a violation… Darn it

@AlphaSeven Make sure to tag me when you have made the thread!

Very nice topic title. I congratulate you. It is explaining all the issue. In my opinion, it is a candidate for 2019 title of the year.

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Wait, for real? Or sarcastically XD

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My best advice is to look at the LiveFlight map see the airport markers if you have a subscription and choose two random locations you have never flown before and fly between the two in an aircraft you usually dont fly. This gets me out of funk of not wanting to fly and helps me stay interested.

My best advice, join a virtual airline. Last year, I was in the same situation you are in right now. Since I joined a VA (which is awesome), my entire perspective of IF has completely changed. I am not going to advertise my VA, but if you want to get more info about the VA I am apart of, feel free to DM me.

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Hey there,
Are you stating that you don’t want/can’t update your subscription? Sad to see you go mate.

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Well I think it’s rather expansive, but I will buy again during the summer holidays! So it’s no big deal…

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